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Pryshth Family: A Non Profit Organization

Penning Down Pages of Education


Making Change Possible

Pryshth is an organizaton under which we provide educational facilities not only to children but also to those youngsters who need it or even to those who have a will to study and never got an opportunity to register themselves in schools irrespective of their age. We are going to help them in all the ways we can, starting from their counseling till their admissions in schools or may be even further. Starting from the counseling we are going to help them in things like, what are the problems they face or what are the things that bars them to pursue the basic necessity of the modern day life; i.e. education. After that, we are going to help them in registering themselves in the schools which they can easily access.

Our Impact


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Dreams Fulfilled
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Connecting hearts, nurturing minds

Fostering Connection, Inspiring learning


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Change for Better

Make a Difference


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Co-curricular Activity at Non Profit

Pryshth has been celebrating national events like Independence day, Holi, Diwali further aiming to inculcate a feeling of patriotism, culture and also this acts as a platform to showcase their skills and interact with each other in most fun filled way.

Volunteer at NGO

Pryshth’s activities has been periodically covered by various newspapers dailies namely ‘The Times of India’ and ‘The Tribune’. This further allowed us to reach more people.

Co-curricular Activity

Our target is to develop students holistically in all aspects, i.e, both mentally and physically.
We have organized activities sports activities like tug of war, lemon race, sprints, etc..

Spreading Education, Spreading Smile


Laughter's Embrace

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