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The foundation of education is literacy, and it is improbable that one could achieve much success without learning the skills of reading and writing. Pryshth is a non-profit organisation that provides educational facilities to children, youth, and individuals (of any age) of any background who want to acquire education but have never had the opportunity. The organisation doesn't just concentrate on helping the individuals with their education; it also arranges everything from counselling to their entrance to schools or colleges, or maybe even farther.

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Pryshth was founded in February 2015 with sole objective of creating a wave of education for every aspiring mind. 

Our organization, Pryshth under which we provide educational facilities not only to children but also to those youngsters who need it or even to those who have a will to study and never got an opportunity to register themselves in schools irrespective of their age.
We are trying our best to contribute towards the betterment of the nation and we plan to do so by working at the roots of the cause, i.e., the youth of the nation.

We are helping them in all the ways we can, starting from their counselling till their admissions in schools or may be even further

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