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Meet The Team

Meet the Passionate Individuals Behind Our Mission

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Munish Khanngwal

Founder Member

Education should help one to feel freedom of mind. The intentions of education must be the inner transformation. In other words, education should create dynamic citizen so that they are able to meet the needs of modern complex life.

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Saurabh Mittal


Education is a way to liberation, and the best quality of an educated being is, educating others and that is the ultimate liberation. If you can educate someone, you already made a lot of difference in how we define education!



Founder Member

To empower someone in its true sense, educate them!! Let’s make education a basic right not a privilege


Vishal Manikandan

Founder Member

Education is a weapon that can relinquish one of the shackles that's been holding them behind. It is something that teaches how to treat past as an armor to shield from the present.

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Anupriya Paul

Founder Member

Everyone wants to change the world… and I believe the greatest weapon is education. It should be for all as it is the road to a better future.


Jagrit Jain

Founder Member

Education is something that gives meaning to a person's life! So let's come forward and do a bit from our side to give better purpose to someone's life and shape their future.

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Vaibhav Bhandari

Founder Member

Education gives you the power to question  the boundaries.

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