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Success Stories

Every formed non-profit organisation wishes to be successful in its undertakings. Pryshth now has 35 students (benefactors) on board, and that number grows with each academic session. We are delighted to highlight our students' (benefactors) progress and how far they have come with our support.

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Introducing Priya, a dedicated young achiever who embodies the essence of success through hard work. Despite her modest background with her father working a private job, Priya secured a 54.8% in her 12th-grade Arts exams. She's now embarked on her journey to a BA degree from the prestigious Post Graduate Government College for Girls in Sector 11. Priya's story underscores the importance of determination and seizing opportunities for a brighter future.

Stories in Progress

Our knowledge enthusiasts, Gudiya, Arti, and Partima, aspire to be teachers. They are presently enrolled at G.M. Senior Secondary School in Chandigarh for their intermediate studies. Gudiya previously struggled with reading and understanding English, but things are steadily improving. Arti struggled in mathematics and economics, but with consistent work, she has made tremendous progress in both areas. Partima, on the other hand, plays badminton because she believes in balancing studies and sports.

Sidhart, Raja, and Ashish, three of our sports aficionados, aim to be national-level competitors. Raja is now pursuing his bachelor's degree at I.G.N.O.U. in Delhi. He is intensely focused on his athletic career, for which he also receives cricket guidance. Sidhart and Ashish attend G.M. Senior Secondary School for intermediate and G.M. High School for matriculation. They have made considerable progress, whether in athletics or in their education.

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